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Smokers Lines

What Are Smoker Lines?

Most people know that fine lines and wrinkles occur over time as a result of the breakdown and loss of our faces natural collagen. However, there is another culprit—repetitive movements. Because our face and area around the mouth is such an integral part of our lives, it’s constantly moving as we speak, eat, and for some of us, smoke. The repetitive movement that your mouth makes from smoking cigarettes can result in additional wrinkles around the mouth known as “smoker lines.” It’s also suspected that smoking aids in the loss of your faces collagen, resulting in the appearance of more wrinkles and fine lines at an even faster pace.

Beating Smoker’s Lines

Luckily, for those who suffer from unwanted fine lines around their upper lip and around the mouth area, there is hope. A cosmetic dermatologist can help you decide on which treatment option may be best for you, with most being quick, easy, and painless fixes that will allow you to look younger and healthier while diminishing your unwanted lines. Both treatments below can be performed in conjunction with one another, bringing you the best results to treat your smoker lines.

CO2 Laser

IPL C02 Laser repair is a great way to lessen the appearance of upper lip lines that are commonly visible on people who smoke. This laser treatment works by resurfacing your skin, therefore ridding you of etched lines around your lips. This type of treatment comes without virtually any pain and can be performed relatively quickly. Depending on the deepness and indentation of your lines, a dermatologist will be able to better help you determine how many treatments you may need to see optimal results.

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